We are excited to launch today the Forgotten Hill: Contest!

The rules are very easy: submit us a FanArt sketch, a plot idea, a charachter’s description or anything that comes to your mind about Forgotten Hill games and you will be in!

We are going to select the most interesting 10 entries, and send one of the fantastic T-shirt the Puppeteer made for us to the author!

You can share your ideas with us through our Facebook page via private message, or using the contact form of this website or again sending us an email!

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So, what are you waiting for? Deadline for submitting your Fanart contest entries is March 31st 2017: show us your ideas, win a T-Shirt!

7 thoughts on “FAN CONTEST

  1. as he runs he sees a ranch (same one where the horse was sacrificed) and is soon locked in a barn ((the barn has a hidden underground level ((also the barn was clearly used for more than just barn stuff, but also satanic rituals and so on.)) since all of the other games had a main villain (puppeteer and surgeon) i’m not entirely sure what it would be for this game.

    im really excited to see the story unfold, and in all honesty, im way to into this game 🙂

  2. How about after he escapes he runs into a town like this and they put him in a phych ward. Then, he has to figure out who runs it, kill them and escape alive?? Now i would play that game

  3. How about a creepy mortuary or full town to explore with the creepy creatures and people? Sorry don’t have Facebook or a computer to draw and scan but ideas

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