F. H. MEMENTO: Playground

Sometimes one child’s decision defines what he¬†will become when adult… Discover another piece of Forgotten Hill residents story in this new Memento: Playground.

7 thoughts on “F. H. MEMENTO: Playground

  1. ***SPOILER ALERT BEFORE READING*** Hello, thanks for developing this awesome game, love this forgoten hill mementos/main saga history, congratz for such amazing game, played all of them multiple times,
    just wanna tell you guys that in this particular memento theres a visual “bug” the desk that we should write (####) show 5 box/place to put the letters, but when we click it changes to 4, sorry for my bad english, and again thanks a lot, keep awesome forgotten-hill staff <3

  2. Possible bug playing Tic Tac Toe. Stalemate ends with no fail state to kick me out of board. Playing on Mac Air through Chrome.

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