Forgotten Hill Disillusion

Welcome to Forgotten Hill Museum, a place where the past, the present, nature, art and the unknown are exhibited!

Do you want to have the best experience of this visit? So take some advice: never believe your eyes…

Forgotten Hill Disillusion, the 4th chapter fo Forgotten Hill main story, starring Mr. Larson as main character, will be available on Steam, App Store and Google Play this Fall 2019: stay tuned for more information!

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Will you be able to solve the mystery and escape? But, above all, will you survive?

10 thoughts on “Forgotten Hill Disillusion

  1. Something made me come to this site tonight. Something tugged on my cosmic umbilical and I just had a gut feeling that something new was here or on the horizon. It has happened more than twice before here, too. I can’t wait for Disillusion to be released. So glad you guys are presenting the games on multiple formats as well. Sometimes I am an iOs guy….other nights, STEAM is where I live.
    ALL of Forgotten Hill’s games are incredible. I play them late at night in my darkened house, my monitor is huge and I wear headphones. To say I get immersed in them is an understatement. I am so elated that the Forgotten Hill games just keep coming!! MORE!
    Keep up the great work guys. The original story lines, searing visuals, gripping audio effects, and the ORIGINAL PUZZLES are what keep me coming back for more heavy doses.
    You definitely know what you’re doing and nobody else’s games truly have the dark qualities that radiate from ALL of Forgotten Hill’s titles. How you managed to capture true darkness and funnel it into a game the way you have is beyond me…
    Maybe you could consider posting a tentative release date, or at least give us a general idea? (ie “In two weeks”….”This Autumn 2019″….etc)
    Please….don’t leave us hanging by a noose here…..

    1. Hello, thank you so much for your comment, it really made our day! Forgotten Hill Disillusion is coming this Autumn, but we don’t have a precise date yet. Follow us on our social pages or sign up to the newsletter (in the sidebar) to be sure you don’t miss the announcement!
      Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  2. I love your games with it combining my love for horror and puzzles! Very good work on all your games and can’t wait to play the future games!

  3. Estou muito animado para jogar! Adoro a franquia e tento até hoje desvendar a sua história. FMStudio, se puder, dá uma dica sobre a história e sobre os seus “vilões”

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