Little Cabin in the Woods – A Forgotten Hill Tale

It starts here a new series of stories happened in Forgotten Hill, let us introduce Forgotten Hill Tales!
In the first tale – Little Cabin in the Woods – we are about to know the story of a young boy with a painful past and his will to escape from a sad and secluded life…

16 thoughts on “Little Cabin in the Woods – A Forgotten Hill Tale

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  2. Cuando saldra la siguiente plataforma para Android? Soy muy fan de sus juegos son los mejores,eso sin duda,nunca dejen de sacar continuaciones!

  3. Stuck. Every time I open the safe the game freezes. Tried restarting it several times but still can’t get past the safe. Safari on a MacBook Pro.

  4. This was a great addition to the Forgotten Hill games. Thank you! Keep up the great work. I look forward to all your games.

  5. Awesome story and gameplay,love the little plot twist lol i look hideous,I am a big fan of this game series so i won’t find how illogical and weird things turn out anymore lol,i am looking forward to the next game!!!!

  6. wow!! This is a new incredible game! Thank you guys for making such amazing and horrible games!
    To be honest the last step shocked me a bit lol.
    I have just finished your new episode, but this one maybe a bit short compared to the previous works.
    So I can’t wait to play your next game !!!

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