Two Sisters – Official Walkthrough



Do you really believe that there can be a World perfect for you? The second chapter of Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe may prove you wrong…
Find here a complete walkthrough video for Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe: Two Sisters.


17 thoughts on “Two Sisters – Official Walkthrough

  1. Um Forgotten Hill Admin can you tell me if you guys have a name for the butler creature? Or, at least what kind of creature it is? I’m writing a story based off the game and I wanted to know the name if there is one. tysm!

  2. The hints for “translating” from Duckese to Crowese are misleading, but you can tell good parts from bad parts through trial and error. The translation from Crowese to Hornedravenese, however, doesn’t seem too make much sense. This part could be explained in more detail.

  3. Yes, he drank the second one that I made and I finished the chapter. Thanks, looking forward to more forgotten hill games

  4. I’m stuck in wardrobe chapter 2. I accidentally made the wrong mixture and I can’t do anything with it. I can’t dump it out anywhere and there is no response from the butler when I try to give it to him.

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