Forgotten Hill Disillusion on console!

Already played all Forgotten Hill games on your phone and your computer and looking for a different way do explore the Museum and save all the Nynchkuddies? Didn’t play it yet because you prefer gaming on your console? Well, good news because Forgotten Hill Disillusion is now also available on consoles!



Thanks to our partner Ratalaika Games it’s now possible to explore the 4 sections of the Museum of Forgotten Hill also on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 or Xbox, will you survive?


8 thoughts on “Forgotten Hill Disillusion on console!

  1. HI, We have been playing through this on the Nintendo Switch and it crashes when you place the 4th cog into the watch. can this be looked at

      1. im curious if other games will eventually come to console too ive played your games since forgotten hill fall came out years back and i always wondered if the games would make its way to console

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