Forgotten Hill: First Steps

Okay, probably we let you hype a little bit too much when sharing the first image of “Forgotten Hill: First Steps”. Many of you thought it was going to be a brand new game. Actually it’s not.

Many Steam players asked if we could release the first original games (Fall, Puppeteer and Surgery) on that platform too and, since most browsers will stop support for Flash at the end of the year, we thought it was time to do it.

As you probably already know, the first three games tell the story of the first arrival (as far as we know) of Mr. Larson in Forgotten Hill so, instead of simply publish the three games as they are, we’ve decided to put them together in one complete game.

And this is how the idea of Forgotten Hill: First Steps was born, the first steps of Mr. Larson in the wicked world of Forgotten Hill!

This won’t be a simple collection of the three games that are now available on mobile or browser, we are adding new sequences, new puzzles, new locations, polishing and upgrading graphics (especially on Fall) and hiding some secret…

We aim to release the game on Steam within the end of 2020, wouldn’t that be a nice Christmas gift?

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