Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe

Forgotten Hill universe is constantly expanding, and we are proud to introduce today a new game series called Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe!

Did you really believe that we have normal furniture here? Don’t think so. Let’s open the wardrobe and discover what’s hiding inside!

In the first chapter – Other Friends – we will learn that it’s not always true that those who find a friend find a treasure…

The second chapter – Two Sisters – will teach us that even what may seem the most perfect world, may not be exactly how it seems…

In the third chapter – Together Once More – we’ll find out that you should never trust a voice from beyond, not even if it seems to come from someone you care deeply about…

In the fourth chapter you’ll grapple with moral dilemmas, face gruesome outcomes, and feel an ever-present sense of dread while you find out what is The Price of a Smile.

Would you like to explore the Wardrobe with your mobile device? Get the free app!

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