Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Chapter 2 – Two Sisters

Did you believe Forgotten Hill has regular pieces of furniture like everywhere else? Of course not.

Here continues the new series of stories set in Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe. The second chapter, Two Sisters, will teach us that secret worlds, however perfect they may appear, may not be exactly what they seem…

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72 thoughts on “Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Chapter 2 – Two Sisters

    1. The golden duck will find them for you if you use the code for find on the bottom of last page of duck book. duck will run and peck on the wall in the first scene after entering the wardrobe.

    1. Spoiler: use the red wire and put everything up correctly so everything matches, then after that grav the key and go 1 right and open the door click the piano and open it andgrab the diary and the coin and matches go to the sofa and table and insert the coin and one is inside the piano, grab the furter and choppy and chop the flowers, then go to start and go to that symbol and press the nail with your nail remover and go chop berries and after that, you have berries and a nail, then go to the skeleton bird and insert a nail then grab it and go to the living room and go inside the room in the living room, and insert your nail skeleton bird in it, continue by yourself. Hope this helps 🙂

  1. It’s funny (on the topic of sisters) because I and my sister love playing your game together after school sometimes. When I first started playing them I got nightmares, now I’m just used to it lol

  2. ther in the wall in the room you first sapam in win you inter that demintion use te hammer to break one on the squares on the wall it will be in ther.

      1. so you have to go back to the room we start in and the picture has a loose nail the one with the symbols you have to use the cutter though

    1. For the bird foot one, theres a slip of paper in the room on the far right in the portrait, it should show you the placement of things

  3. I can’t get the ship puzzle to work. I’ve followed the walkthrough exactly, and it’s not doing anything!

    1. use the paint brush with the blood in the room with hanging bird skulls, go to the living room and paint the white roses red using the paint brush with blood on it

  4. I’ve gotten to the part where I have all the jars filled other than the wasp one and the mango one, I have the wasp- how do I get the wasp to produce the honey?

    1. Martha have a paper with bee and it will say their parfum like exaple (it a exaple for u to understand) vanilla cofee cofee chocolates vanilla and after you just go see the window u call it with parfum thing and you suposed to have something, a bowl? well you trap the bee and then you go see the flower in abby portal and u leave for 2seconde i thing and you do the parfum thing and u take the honey l do you understand ?

  5. Two questions: what was the door that stayed closed in Martha’s world? And do they stay skeletons forever lol?

  6. Yea but if someone is inside they need to get them out and burning it might let the unclean beings out into the real world so kinda a bad idea

  7. how do I use the paper that says “a good captain always follows the course”? I can’t figure out how to use it on the tiles on the wall

  8. loved it yet again they show us hoew great they are at doing these games love them so much realy make you think some of the puzzles do i love them so much great games not enough said about them pity as they are great games indeed look forward to more

  9. What doI do with the skull? The hints don’t help. I reread the dairy 25 times and it still won’t help. I don’t know if my IQ is 10 or what. Can someone help me?

    1. the bird skull? You just get the nail from the paper in the first room using the pliers. you put the nail in the painting of the bird’s head. you cut the painting out. You use the painting to unlock the first part of the wardrobe.

    2. You got to go to that one opened wardrobe. Than you can enter the world with the skull. i hope it helped you

    1. In the room the bird skull was there’s a bush, you should have a kind of hoe at this point, the bush contains some fruits so use the hoe to take them out and give it to the duck.

  10. Es el más difícil de todos los que he jugado, estoy atascada en la prueba de de poner en orden los botes de colores….

  11. I was kinda disappointed to see that my daughters aren’t as pretty as they are in the game icon, but great game! This just goes to show that fantasies, while seeming amazing and mystical, will eventually try to claim you if you let yourself become obsessed with your fantasy.

  12. Why on earth no one ever tries to burn that wardrobe? It’s made of wood and it contains unclean beings, so burning it should come to mind as the default way of getting rid of it.

  13. Just finished the game! I’m really hoping for a part three, because everyone knows, in forgotten hill, even when no one knows that something exists, there will always be someone that finds it. I’m ready to close the wardrobe a third time!

  14. Отличная работа, только зависает игра когда перечницу достаю у торта

      1. Isn’t Abigail Blumenthal that old b*tch in FH Disillusion? The one obsessed with birds and plants? What happened to her sister?

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