Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Chapter 3 – Together Once More

Here continues the new series of stories set in Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe. In the third chapter, Together Once More, you will find out that, no matter how desperate, lonely or abandoned you may feel, you shouldn’t trust a voice from beyond…

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25 thoughts on “Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Chapter 3 – Together Once More

  1. Minor spoiler but, for some reason when grabbing the paper from the lady in the tub, it won’t trigger the text afterward? I’m not sure if it’s me or not, but I’ve restarted twice on here and on mobile and it’s the same results…?

  2. Ok, how???—> “When time will be over” (Hourglass) the rain will fall between heaven and earth (Top–> heaven. Middle–> ? Bottom–> Earth) the sun will be completely set (middle of the day, or about to sunset?) and the hands of men will hail to the sky (Heaven –> Top) THE FIRST SPECULAR SYMBOL WILL BE MARKED (How in the hell is it that symbol shown in the video?????) And the crescent moon will turn to east (Crescent = half moon)

    1. When time will be over – Hourglass, The rain will fall between heaven and earth ( Middle – Rain ), The sun will completely set (Bottom – sun), The hands of men will hail to the sky (Top – Hands), The first specular symbol will be marked (( Specular means having property of a mirror, this is a hint in itself. There are two symbols on the dial that kind of resembles each other (A square with line on top and right side and a square with line on bottom and left side) . The symbol required to mark is the square with line on its top and right side.)) and the crescent moon will turn to east (Crescent moon – top moon will go to right).

  3. I absolutely love the game! I just don’t like the chalkboard part. It wont say i did the correct drawing while i did. Kinda frustrating lol

  4. I love Forgotten Hill!! For me it is one of the best game sagas and it is simply the best in riddles and mysteries, as it is quite elaborate, time consuming and has a very involving story and I love it!!! Please never stop making this game because I’m really addicted to it hahaha. Anyway, I love being here as a Brazilian player! Thank you for adapting it to Portuguese and also for releasing it on Poki. Congratulations to everyone involved in creating this wonder!! I’ll be looking forward to the next chapter! ❤❤❤🇧🇷

  5. I love the wardrobe and I thought they were done with the forgotten hill games I was- to my delight- wrong love the games thanks for your hard work!

  6. You’ll have a piece of paper in you inventory, the one with the dots, start at the dot at the top, and tap the portrait where the dot is (either left right or middle) and work your way down pressing each portrait as the dots 🙂

  7. i just love this series it so good to play love it so much so gklad i found it ages ago to see how far its come along and its getting better an better with each new chapter of the game love it so much THANKS to themakers for bvringing us such great chapters lokk forward to so many more

  8. BEing the first people to do such an intricate game is hard. You HAVE to figure out everything yourself. This is going to be so much fun!!!

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