Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Chapter 1 – Other Friends

Did you believe that in Forgotten Hill there are regular pieces of furniture like anywhere else? Of course not.

It starts here a new spin-off series of stories set in Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe. In this first chapter we’ll found out that it’s always be careful when choosing who to spend our time with, new friends can turn out to be Other Friends

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34 thoughts on “Forgotten Hill The Wardrobe – Chapter 1 – Other Friends

  1. I’m not sure why and I think it may be just me..but for some reason I can pick up items but it won’t let me use them? Like I get my keys in the beginning but then Can’t do anything and I’m really confused-

  2. I can’t find the words to describe te awesomnes of this game… the art, the history, the puzzles… EVERYTHING is just so well made and I’m definetly playing the other games aviable! A wonderful job definitely.

  3. never clicked so fast as soon as i got msg about it loved it short but still great little game love this series look forward to more games from you

  4. Yes! I’ve been waiting for next game. Your games is my favourite games! Thank you <3 And I wait for next game. (I'm sorry for mistakes. English isn't my first language)

  5. I found this one on Poki 40 minutes ago and already ended it, love it! I was so happy when I saw something new, I think I never loved a game saga this much! Also the italian translation is perfect, something that lot of games with “more languages” miss and mess up. Looking forward for the next chapter, keep it up! (sorry for any grammar mistake, english is not my mother tongue)

    1. Thanks, we are super happy you like our games. And we are happy that Italian translation is good as well, otherwise we’d have to go back to primary school!
      Un saluto da Manuela & Francesco
      P.S. Forgotten Hill games are 100% made in Italy 😉

      1. …sono studente di informatica, mica mi prendereste a fare lo stage da voi? Anche solo per fare i caffè, mi va benissimo… (Scherzi a parte nel caso voleste tipo contattare la mia scuola per l’alternanza scuola lavoro l’anno prossimo o per qualche altro tipo di attività io sarei disponibile a fare da tramite, è una scuola in Veneto nel vicentino)

  6. Good game really enjoyed it , keep making games like this ! ( but can someone help me i want to know if there is another chapter, and if you know can you please tell me what it is called? thank you!)

  7. So happy I searched for a new game by Forgotten Hill. I’m a huge fan of your games. So creepy and creative. The puzzles are challenging without getting frustrating. Looking forward to the next chapter and any other new game from you. Please keep them coming!

  8. Me ha encantado es fantástico, lo he resuelto entre ayer y hoy, lo más complicado es a mi parecer el acertijo del piano, había que memorizar rapidamente los símbolos , pero finalmente lo he conseguido. FELICIDADES por este nuevo juego lo he disfrutado mucho.

  9. Super love it!! Thought the flowers in colors on trees might be one of the hints but it turns out not at last. Really looking forward to this game, I am a big fan of you

  10. I LOVE F.H GAMES 🙂 this one was super good and I love the puzzles and the plot twist :), keep making games like this, cant wait for the 2nd chapter 🙂

  11. I just can’t get past the piano puzzle. I wish there was a “skip” button. It’s a wonderful piece of work, I am sad that I will have to give up.

      1. Круто, спасибо вам за старания! Я так понимаю, это начало новой ветки истории? Можете сказать, когда выйдет следующая часть?

    1. Yo tengo un truquito para el rompecabezas del piano, digo los símbolos que va presionando en voz alta y así es mucho más fácil memorizarlo, a la cuarta vez ya lo conseguí.

  12. In the description, you accidently wrote, ‘forniture’ when im pretty sure you meant ‘furniture.’ Wonderful game besides that, I’m a big fan of your work 🙂

  13. Great game! However I wish there were more clues for the riddle in the bedroom – the hints didn’t really help and I had to skip the puzzle. Other than that, really enjoyed it!

    1. More clues? Everything needed was there and it was a pretty easy puzzle. All you needed is a piece of paper and a pen… Be well.

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