Rise of Pico – A Forgotten Hill Tale


This will not be an ordinary day for the Hofmeier butler: the master has assigned you a very delicate task. But you will surely accomplish without any problem…

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17 thoughts on “Rise of Pico – A Forgotten Hill Tale

  1. does the game just not allow you to read the book about the spider and the fly, only look at the cover, or is it just bugged (no pun intended) for me?

  2. OMG I sooo do not know how to do the wooden circle thing where there are peoples heads. You know, in the room where the women says, light the candles?

  3. this is a really cool game I spent about 1 hour on this since i was clueless and didn’t understand anything (the bookshelf,skulls,kettle) but i understood it at the end! would recommend it for people who like gruesome and weird stuff,i played portrait of obession and this one and i really loved them! i hope more games in the futire will be produced! 5/5!!!

  4. Y’know the room with the dead skeleton and the blood bowl? Use the saw to cut the head off of the skeleton. In the room with the legless creation, look at the colors on the hanging skulls, and put the five skulls in the order on the spikes where you got the four colored skulls from. (Green, white, I don’t know the next two, and then yellow.)

  5. Тhanks for finally talking about > Rise of Pico – A Forgotten Hill Talе
    – Forgotten Ꮋill winnebago

  6. Fantástico lo he disfrutado mucho. Me atasqué un poco en el rompecabezas de la caja de cerillas. Pero así se hizo mucho más interesante. Enhorabuena.

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