Little Cabin in the Woods – A Forgotten Hill Tale

It starts here a new series of stories happened in Forgotten Hill, let us introduce Forgotten Hill Tales!
In the first tale – Little Cabin in the Woods – we are about to know the story of a young boy with a painful past and his will to escape from a sad and secluded life…

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55 thoughts on “Little Cabin in the Woods – A Forgotten Hill Tale

  1. Yo i was getting stuck on the game when i was on the class and while i watch i made a code and im a big fan of forgotten hill

  2. can you please make a game guide for this game like the guide for the first 2, fall and puppeteer? I suck at this stuff, can’t get past anything.

  3. im confused on what to do with the puzzle on the wall behind the circle puzzle, im talking about the puzzle in the room with the eye please help!

  4. Me encantaan todos los juegos de forgotten… Me dejn siempre con ganas de más!!! Espero sigan realizando juegos así y dándonos la posibilidad de jugarlos gratis. Muchas gracias 💋

  5. Damn, unexpected ending. Need to go via walkthrough when got stuck at coat. Such sinister trick only to find out there is a key before i can finished the game with my own talent. Huhu.

  6. This is an amazing game……..its short, but that plot twist at the end…….WHOA!!!!!! We are the monster, no wonder grandpa kept us locked up…….he didnt want US lurking in the woods!!!;)

    1. You Should Hit The Knife In The Eye In The Wall Gap . Then Take The Tap With Wrench And Put It Under The Gap . Put The Bucket Under It And Collect The Blood .

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  8. Cuando saldra la siguiente plataforma para Android? Soy muy fan de sus juegos son los mejores,eso sin duda,nunca dejen de sacar continuaciones!

  9. Stuck. Every time I open the safe the game freezes. Tried restarting it several times but still can’t get past the safe. Safari on a MacBook Pro.

  10. This was a great addition to the Forgotten Hill games. Thank you! Keep up the great work. I look forward to all your games.

  11. Awesome story and gameplay,love the little plot twist lol i look hideous,I am a big fan of this game series so i won’t find how illogical and weird things turn out anymore lol,i am looking forward to the next game!!!!

  12. wow!! This is a new incredible game! Thank you guys for making such amazing and horrible games!
    To be honest the last step shocked me a bit lol.
    I have just finished your new episode, but this one maybe a bit short compared to the previous works.
    So I can’t wait to play your next game !!!

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