Forgotten Hill Tales

We are glad to introduce a new Spin-off series of short stories set in the Forgotten Hill universe, the Forgotten Hill Tales!

In this new series of point and click adventure we are going to tell side stories happened in different period of times, in new locations, to new characters, but also to old acquaintances.

Forgotten Hill Tales already available:

– Little Cabin in the Woods –

A little boy, his Grandfather, a painful past and the desire to run away…
A violent tragic event of the past forced you to live for years locked up in the little cabin in the woods, but the day has come when you will get out of there, whatever the cost…

– Portrait of an Obsession –

Follow one of the Surgery Clinic Founders during a journey to a faraway country and his meeting with a strange painting. Is this just the encounter with an intense work of art or is it the beginning of an obsession?

– GrandMa’s Delicious Cakes –

In a cold afternoon of autumn, if a kind elderly resident of Forgotten Hill has problem with rodents, the official exterminator runs to her aid. Even if it’s his day off, especially considering she makes delicious cakes! After all, what could ever go wrong?

– Rise of Pico –

This will not be an ordinary day for the Hofmeier butler: the master has assigned you a very delicate task. But you will surely accomplish without any problem…

Get Forgotten Hill Tales for Free on Google Play or App Store or play the games here on our website. And stay tuned, because new Tales are coming!

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  1. Hey, are you going to make a complete game of these three tales as you did with FH First Steps? Would be very cool to play them on other platforms such as steam.

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