The Left Behind – A Forgotten Hill Tale


Many children have been kidnapped. During a turbulent day, they were all set free. All but one. Today it is time for him to try to escape the horrors of the Museum…

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25 thoughts on “The Left Behind – A Forgotten Hill Tale

  1. I love these games!! i have to hide the screens from some people because of ‘disturbing images’, but i think that is a good sign for graphics! Love these games!

    1. it takes a while. It will be after all the pieces from your bottom bar empty besides the eye glass. It took me a while but I think it was in the room with the eye on the poster.

  2. Guys, if you’re stuck, click on the gear icon in the upper-left corner (or go to the “Videos” section) and check the walkthrough…

  3. Este juego si es muy bueno aún hay partes complicadas te logras divertir y esforzarte un montón.Espero que salga un juego mas como uno submarino :).

  4. Un juego increíble como siempre… los puzzles son muy ingeniosos y entretenido… Y la historia espeluznante tal y como nos gusta :3

  5. I have finished the game and its good at first mediocre but once you left the first room it was amasing

  6. Excelente. Me ha encantado. Un gran ambiente, muy conseguido con los gráficos y la música. Me ha gustado jugar en ese mundo.

  7. I can’t get by the “spinning” puzzle toward the end. I press Unable to get any hint or reset??? I’m stuck

  8. The one thing I have to complain about is the puzzle for the third coin. There is no way to restart said puzzle and whenever I feel like I’m making actual progress It always gets ruined because I would have to disorganize the half of the puzzle I did complete sending me back to square one. Other than that one puzzle this game is great.

  9. DUDE IM SO HAPPY THESE ARE BACK!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AT YOUR JOB!!! Suggestion: underwater theme??

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