Portrait of an Obsession – A Forgotten Hill Tale


We are happy to introduce a brand new addition among the Forgotten Hill Tales (the spin-off series of short stories set in Forgotten Hill universe): let’s start a journey to a faraway land in Portrait of an Obsession!

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60 thoughts on “Portrait of an Obsession – A Forgotten Hill Tale

  1. you have to put the food in the bowl of water then down for her at the table then you get them while shes eating

    1. you need to put it in the order so red pod in first pot green in second pot yellow in third pot blue in the fourth pot

  2. you have to find the scissors under the pillow in the room with the cursed woman who tries to attack you

    1. guys i need help idk what to do with the lantern at the grave please help idk where to plate bowl of water too:(

  3. How am I supposed to get through the front doors? I don’t see any hints

    1. you just have to make them point to the amount of dots that are colored red. for example, the panel that has three red dots has to point toward the three dots on the outside, and the same with the others.

  4. i know im supposed to dye the plant and break off the laves and burn them but i have the dies and the flames i just can’t brek off the leaves. cant tell if its a bug or im just stupid, plz help

    1. You may have watched a walkthrough or something already but I just want to help. Go to the room which has a bed and tap on the pillow. You will find a pair of scissors. That’s it.

  5. the fact that forgotten hill has been out for 6 years now and only has two creators ! that’s totally crazy and so impressive ! i love each and every one of these games . it’s so underrated and needs much more attention ! keep thriving ! <3

  6. Even though I played this game a hundred times already, the jumpscares still get me every time. That’s what I love about these games! Unpredictable, unbelievable, and SO MUCH FUN!!!

    1. I totally agree! I love the puzzles and since I’m in my elementary school’s academic team, it really helps prepare and warm up my brain before games and such.

  7. The end get kind of heated and in a good way it was a the right types of scary and thrilling it was just so good got to hand it to you each time a game comes out the better it gets not joking and everyone the game is hard and gets harder but its good it was the best 2 or three hours this week super hard but just the good amount of hard dang.

    1. Ikr! these games are amazing bc you can see how much work went into making them so difficult! I bet the creators of the game would have trouble playing it!

  8. I f*cking love this game so much. I am waiting for your reply so please reply 🙏💞💞☠️😱😣🎃🎃👹👺 I love your games and make plenty more please but the only broblem is I can’t play some of them but I love the games I am fourteen and I play it in the night and in the day I am so happy to play this 🎉💞💞😱😱🙏

  9. I love your game so much but, I lost connection and it had re loaded my page after i offered the weird thing a token and it wouldnt let me play the game with it again what do I do?

  10. I really do enjoy your games. The only complaint I have is I don’t have a pen and paper readily laying around to help me complete certain puzzles. For that I rely on walkthroughs to help get me through those times where I have my toddler getting into everything I’m doing. Anyways, it would be incredibly helpful if you had a written walkthrough that didn’t require watching videos that eat up data or load very slowly when people don’t have high speed for that little hint they need. Thanks!

  11. i mean i love the forgotten hill games but could you maby make the puzzls eser i have short turn memorie loss and i cant even compleat 1 game without using a walkthrough

  12. love it yet again you did yourselves proud with a great little game it was great love the series and look forward to new ones to come keep up the great work you are doing bringing us great games and spooky at that yay love them all i am going to now buy the latest one out on steam so looking forward to it THANK YOU for all the hard work you put into these games most are free so thanks for all the work you do to get them to us THANKS A LOT

  13. Hmmm… I usually enjoy Forgotten Hill games, but I can’t seem to get anywhere here. I have the hint from the cat/flower, but I can’t find where to use it (doesn’t seem to work on the hanging scrolls). I see the hints from the rolled up scroll, but I have no idea how to use any of them. I can’t find where to use any of the items I found – except the incense sticks after lots of random clicking…

  14. Awesome game! One problem though; the puzzle where you have to win three times in a row is too hard. It’s mostly all up to chance, and I can’t do that. Can you please make it a little easier?

    1. Basically, when the bear says he isn’t good at the game, he means it. Just drop the four tokens in row going up, and he wont do anything, except maybe on the last round.

  15. Great game as always, but we shouldn’t lose progress after dying. I had to redo the memory game in the rightmost corridor screen after the woman killed me in the adjacent room, which really annoyed me.

  16. Спасибо большое, за интересную игру…получила огромное играя ее. Было так интересно. Мне нравятся все ваши игры… Спасибо вам! Буду ждать еще ваших игр 🙂

  17. El juego me encanto, tuve que pensar demasiado y ver un paso en la solución cuando me quede atorada, sigan así, estoy impaciente y feliz de saber que esto significa mas juegos en el futuro. Todo este universo que han creado es fascinante. Saludos desde México.

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