A Mediterranean plant of the nightshade family, with a forked fleshy root which supposedly resembles the human form and which was formerly used in herbal medicine and magic; it was alleged to shriek when pulled from the ground.

Oxford Dictionary

Probably due to its hallucinogenics and narcotics effects, mandrakes have always had an important place in mythology and get connected with magic, alchemy and a large number of superstitious traditions. A lot of the stories are really weird and creepy and we learned that

in the past mandrake was often made into amulets which were believed to bring good fortune, cure sterility, etc. In one superstition, people who pull up this root will be condemned to hell, and the mandrake root would scream as it was pulled from the ground, killing anyone who heard it. Therefore, in the past, people have tied the roots to the bodies of animals and then used these animals to pull the roots from the soil.


In Forgotten Hill things are never creepy enough, and we learned that mandrakes occupy a very important place.

The aim of this article is to summarize what we discovered so far because Mandrakes will not cease to amaze us!

Mandrakes are good food and are served both in the Theatre Buffet (in fact puppets seem to love them a lot…) and in the excellent canteen in the Surgery Clinic of Colonel MacMillan


We can also feed creatures with mandrakes, as seen with the weird goat-like thing imprisoned in the Surgery Clinic dungeons and the fiendish hybrid creature who is guarding the house of Buried Things.

Some other mysterious critters love to drink mandrake’s blood:

Mandrakes have also shown special powers:
if stabbed they bleed, and their blood is so important that everyone seems to be trying to collect it. It can even sprout a dead branch!


Their extract mixed with electricity is the key to important scientific discoveries:

So, what’s so special about Forgotten Hill’s mandrakes? These are not vegetables simply grown on soil, there is something inside, a soul has been put inside them!


So, you can be sure that we will see many other mandrakes in the future!

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  1. I’ve loved playing forgotten hill games a lot my parents thought they were creepy and thought I didn’t need to be playing them. However, I still do lol

  2. Please make more games! Me and my sister are playing them all in order! We’re currently finishing up Forgotten Hill- Surgery (just saying surgery sounded a bit weird, lol). So please, please, please, make more!!! Maybe another storyline, too, once the current one is finished. (meaning, another story, not with the player being a dude who lost his gf, but something else) That would be awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this OUTSTANDING series!!!

  3. love love love the games cant get enough of them you guys are up there with rusty lake you do fantatsic work bringing us these great games most are free as well wth i would buy them i do buy them and they are worth every penny for them as well good games and great stories look forward to many more from you

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