F. H. Disillusion: Flora & Fauna

It’s 3 years since Forgotten Hill Disillusion has been release, can you believe? As a gift to all our players we’ve decided to release the second chapter of the game for free on our website and on Poki.com Continue your journey in the Museum of Forgotten Hill and help Mr. Larson in his search for the truth.

Welcome to Forgotten Hill Museum, a place full of weird creatures, mysterious species, and grotesque characters with strange tasks for you.
But this is the only place where you can find the truth about Forgotten Hill, and maybe put an end to its horrors.
Do you want to have the best experience of this visit? So take some advice: never believe your eyes…

The adventure continues in Forgotten Hill Disillusion:

15 thoughts on “F. H. Disillusion: Flora & Fauna

  1. i cant go in the chapter 2! i tried everything. chapter 1 is done but after opening the door for chapter 2 it just goes back to the menu.. 🙁

  2. i cannot get into chap 2 at all!!! ive done everything, refreshing the page and ive also replayed chap 1 for 3 times but still CANNOT get into chap 2 please help

    1. you will need to unlock the second door from the starting door with a key. It is the door with a gold mini table next to it and the gear box. unlock that door and put the poster on the blank wall.

  3. I could not believe when I looked on forgotten hills Twitter page that it had been three years since forgotten hill disillusion came out I have played forgotten hill disillusion so many times and each time I play it on my iPad or my PlayStation four I never get board of the game keep up the amazing work with you games forgotten hill and happy 3 year anniversary of forgotten hill disillusion

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