Here is where everything begun, on a dark autumn night… Start unveiling the secrets of Forgotten Hill.


If you can’t here is Forgotten Hill: Fall Game Guide!

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  1. I speed run the game Now the next game is pupeeter and everyone canot beat it but only forgotten hill can beat it in 9 minutes he can beat all games in 9minutes

  2. In the end I was left with A silver necklace which I did not use in the game. Does anyone know if there was A purpose for it or if it was to throw us off.

    1. it for the next game if im right where you use against “daddy” whos the werewolf in the drawing with timmy and the girl

  3. Girl lucky I gave her Willy after she bit me five times!!! I tried to poison slap her with a fish give her a ring and stab her with a screwdriver >:(

  4. I got Forgotten Hill: Fall added to speedrun .com as an official speedrun game!!! I meant to do it years ago so sorry it took awhile. I got social anxiety but I manage. If anyone wants to run this game officially and get on the leaderboard, please submit your runs over there. I’m fixing the page up asap and adding categories. Right now, you can run the Good Ending or the Bad Ending. I will also be adding every Forgotten Hill game to speedrun .com in the near future. I have run the first 3 games myself and hold the WR’s. Can you beat me?

    1. Give her the teddy bear that’s found in the bear picture. If you can’t find the fragments, watch the walkthrough video.

    2. You have to find all the small paper pieces and put them into the Frame ( room with the deer) . When you found all Willy comes from the ceiling and you can collect him. Now go in the room with the ghost and give her Willy. She will disappear and won’t bother you again

  5. Does anyone know where the bear is? I saw his picture but never him. Then again I haven’t looked very hard….

  6. Does anyone know what to do with the dead fish and frog. Also what is the ring for and what do you do with the machine downstairs in the house??????????

    1. so the book gives you the clue on what to do with the frog and mouse. the illustration is in it also. the ring is thru the last door on the right, you have to put the puzzle pieces in place to then use the ring. you have to grind an item in it to get the code.

    2. The dead frog will be placed in the room with the clown mask. (Look for a book with a poem in the library) the frog is useless until you have electricity. (Find both things to place In the electricity generator in the first room). Then go to the machine downstairs and turn it on. Put the fish in and it will give you a code. The ring is used for the room all the way on the right. Solve a puzzle to get in and arrange the pictures on the gravestones so a hand will appear. Give the ring to the hand.

  7. im trying to turn on the e adder and put i the cod and when i use the hint it says something i missing but nothin is missing

    1. did you put the fuse yet? the fuse brings the power in the house, so you could turn on the lights and the e adder

    2. You have to have electricity in the house. Find 1 things to put in the generator (ghost room brick) and then turn on the e adder.

    1. blood is the symbol that shows, dark is the circle, grass is the hour glass, and sky is the square with the circle in it.

  8. Forgotten Hill: Fall is such a wonderful game to play over and over again. I loved the graphics and the sounds, it spooked me out that I had to remove my earphones and turn on the light. I hope there are more games to be created for all of us to enjoy, this game has made me use my knowledge in solving puzzles and finding a way out. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  9. Can you survive within this haunted house as you try to solve the mystery? Find out in Forgotten Hill Fall, a browser game filled with traps and clues! Do your best to solve each puzzle as you move through every room.

  10. Just played Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer, and i would really recommend these games for in the future. Love the skills and smarts that is required, along with the creativity. The spooky and creepiness help with the intensity as well!! I’m just really for another action-packed thriller like this one.
    Forgotten Hill 2016-17 here we come!

  11. If anyone knows any games that are like this,that they like, or even if you want to be friends just leave me a reply and I’ll check what you replied.

  12. Awesome game. Didn’t use a walk through or anything to escape. I escaped after 30 minutes of playing. Got scared of the giant spider and the little ghost/ demon child other than that it was an awesome, fun, and really creative game! Would play it again at any given time! I highly recommend this game. Pretty hard in some areas of the game, but it was simple enough, yet, it was very spooky and imaginative.

  13. OMG! i was so scared when i first played the I and the II it was like what the heck is this. Then i noticed omg this so wierd. i had to find a cheat for so many things on here.

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