Forgotten Hill Pico

During the strange weeks of the Covid-19 quarantine we decided to take a little break from the “big and still secret project” we are working on (we will reveal more details soon, promise!) and one Sunday we literally fell in love with Pico-8. For those who don’t know, Pico-8 is a fantasy virtual console that emulates the hardware limitation of the 1980s game machines. All game are therefore limited to 128x128px display, 16 colors and 4 channel audio, so challenging!

Francesco decided to try making an adventure game for this awesome and nostalgic console, so he immediately started working on Forgotten Hill Pico! And now you can play it right here, no need for a time machine!

First rooms of Forgotten Hill Pico
Forgotten Hill Pico Kitchen
Starting screen

If you want to know more about Pico-8 by Lexaloffle Games click here!

7 thoughts on “Forgotten Hill Pico

  1. А что делать с ножиком (который похож на меч) и кубком.

  2. I’m stuck and can’t go to a nother room someone tell me how to go to the other room I’m on the room were the cat is on the table and I can’t get out of the room 😔🧡

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