The clinic is open: can you escape the horrors of the Surgery Clinic in the third chapter of Forgotten Hill?

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Can’t you escape? Follow our step by step game guide available here!


    1. Basically, you find the code to the door the strange baby is guarding after giving it the marbles. The door leads to the outside and these two brothers dressed in weird clothes and masks watch u run away, u scream, and then the game ends.

  1. The fourth disk in the crack in the wall between experiment room and maitinence room; use the hammer

  2. I’m speedrunning this in the Speedy Adventures speedrun marathon on April 23rd at 11:16 am EST. I will be commentating my run while I do it. The run only takes about 6-7 minutes, so if you want to watch be there before I start or you’ll miss a lot.

  3. SÍSSSS!!!!! ACABO DE TERMINAR ESTE JUEGO POR 13ª VEZ!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  4. Aw man! I wanted to take the arms from the cabinet but it wouldn’t let me! LET ME TAKE THE D*MN ARMS!!!!!!!!

  5. ok I already finished this game and i am doing it again but all you have to say to get pass the feetus is to scare it by saying YEEEEEETTTTTTTUUUUUUSSSSSSS TTTTTOOOOOO TTTTTHHHHHHEEEEEE FFFFFFFEEEEETTTTUUUUUUSSS

  6. Bruh not going to lie the feetus gets me every time and the dude is not wrong in highschool it is a good time saver.

  7. i got all the floors in the elevator and thats where the stuff is to get out just get the key out the drawer and go to the elevator and push B

    1. idk if u still need help from that but the eyes from that octopus or whatever (water electricity, break it with a hammer), the man’s eye from room 2 ( give his heart) , the 1st floor in that room where a pic is of the founders ( blue marble on the ground + if u open the door and go in u see a book shell and do the skull puzzle thing and when it opens u see a green marble) , 1st floor where those monitors/pc are ( under the table is a red marble) , that reception guy you need a magnet for that so u can get the gray marble, laboratory is a eye in a glass (break it with the hammer, it’s on the 1st floor). ·so in total u need 7:))·

  8. hello me and my brother have been playing your games for days because we love all the games u guys made, but this one was the most laggy game we played. we gave all of the marbles to the baby but he didn’t go away from the door we even looked at the videos on where to find the marbles but we already got all of the marbles, we spent hours on playing this one and we still couldn’t pass the baby

    1. in addition to the marbles, you have to give the kid three or four (idk for sure I may be wrong) eyes

  9. loved the game as i do all of them great work guys keep them coming love them all THANKS for all your hard work

  10. small visual glitch. I clicked the gold key from the nurses outfit mid animation and the key sprite is still there, I collected the key but the sprite is there

  11. i gave the fetus all the marbles i found one at time none left though it keeps say’in give me more what shall i do know i’m stuck solved all the other puzzles easily and the rest left after the baby a piece of cake cuz i had clues in mind. should have gave it all the marbles at once not one by one need help without having to start all over again

  12. honestly the game is amazing but trying to find a single clue to solve the disc puzzle is impossible I have all four discs in the machine but not a clue on how I should rotate them or the order they all need to end in.

    1. if you talk to the man in the other room he will give you sort of a riddle, when you solve it you will know what images on the discs are supposed to be in the red triangles, good luck!

  13. In the disk puzzle (which took forever to solve for me) I found out that if you press the turn disk button while the disks were switching, you could turn the center disk without turning the others

  14. this game was very good it had good graphics and had great sounds and it was just assume i had everyone playing it if you check out my youtube channel you can see my blog when we had computer class we had the game popping.

  15. I had a bug. I went in and got the disc out of the patient. But when I had all the other pieces needed for the machine, the disc was missing. I think i died and pressed continue in between so maybe that’s why. Don’t know, but quite annoying. To make sure I didn’t miss anything: The disc was no longer in the patient, it was not in my inventory and not in the machine, if it is possible to misplace it somewhere else, maybe I am to blame after all.

    1. Oh, forgot to say, otherwise an excellent game. Really love the puzzles, the feeling and the theme. Both graphics and sounds are fitting. Thank you for this!

  16. this is creepy there is blood everywhere the people are bloody too wonder what’s going on? but super scary right?

  17. If If only The game would load,
    So the room could get cold,
    If only the game would start,
    So i could keep my heart.

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