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Here follows, by popular demand, the complete step-by-step guide of Forgotten Hill: Surgery, the third chapter of Forgotten Hill series, our way to help you out if you are stuck at some point in the game, and in the meantime explain a little bit more of what’s behind the scenes! Do you prefer to watch a video? No problem: here is our Walkthrough for Forgotten Hill: Surgery.


After the “welcome” speech of the nurse you find yourself locked inside a hospital room/cell, but after a while someone (a laughing children?) comes and open your door…


Open the drawer using the hint in the calendar: October – 4 – 21 => 10421 and collect the bunch of keys.


Use the keys on the door of the experiments room. Take note of the red bones position in hand poster.


In the corridor place the switches on the wall according to the clue seen in the foot poster.


Trick to position correctly: move all switches to the bottom by dragging down the second and the fourth, than move up the first and the 4th of one position

Collect the key and use it to open the locker in the nurse room. Collect the scalpel, lightbulb and the bottle of acid.



Go back to the left corridor and enter the toilet. Look inside the sink and try to catch the metal disk. Use acid on the weird finger that is holding it. Take note of the symbols that will appear inside the sink.



Use the bunch of keys to open the patient room number 2. Speack with the strange guy and remember what he says: The truth is a staring eye, a grey mouse, a sharp scalpel, a huge fly in a sunny day.

Collect the piece of paper behind him.

Go back to your room and cut the mattress seam with the scalpel. Take the mandrake.

417-1 FLOOR I

Go ahead in the corridor and take the elevator to the first floor.

Open the door next to the gambler. Take the blue marble and watch the founders picture. Take note of the symbols on their hats.



Open the maintainance room using the hints found in the sink.


Fix the plumbing by rotating the pipes in the way that all edges are connected. Turn on the water valve.


Go back to the bathroom on the second floor. Turn on the tap to let some water run in the sink. Take the metal disk.

Flush the toilet, take the key and go out. Take note of the flowers picture on the wall.



Go back to floor number 1 and open the monitoring room with the eye key. Place the colored pins and rubber band according to the flowers picture.


Take the elevator key and the medallion’s piece.

Collect the red marble under the table. Fix the monitoring system by solving the puzzle on the table: place the bulb in its socket and arrange the ray switches on the board in a way that every receiver is hit by the light ray.


Click on the monitors and collect the printed sheet. Take note of the time: 12:15:35

Take the lift and go back to the experiments room on the second floor.

Place the clock hands in a way it indicates 12 hours, 15 minutes and 35 seconds. Collect the piece of medallion and the metal disk.

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73 thoughts on “F. H. SURGERY – Game Guide

  1. Why does the man with on the first floor always win and I lose in the ‘Under which bell is the metal ball’ game? He is sooo Good!!

  2. I can’t do the sink!! I spin the wheel thing on the sink but the sink won’t let the water come out somehow..and I tried to flush the toilet but flies just came running at me!!

    1. Go to the first floor and fix the pipes. After that you can fill the sink with water as well as flush the toilet like normal.

    2. You have to go to floor 1 and open the room with this sign ⚒. There you have to arrange the pipes. Then head back up to floor 2. turn on the tap and then take the Wheel.

    3. once you open the maintainance room connect the tubes so you have a water and the go back to the bathroom and try again

    1. yoiu have to instert them when you walk through the door, there should be handles on the machine but do not click pon the machine

    1. After solving the light puzzle, the four screens turn on. use the time on the screens as so: hour hand:minute hand:second hand

  3. I gave all the marbles and eyes to the creature, he went away, but I don’t know the number for the number code

    1. ok, i looked this up:
      its the right, middle x2, left x11
      right, middle, left
      right, middle, left
      right, middle, left
      then that should work

  4. You wake up in a cold and creepy room, with just some vague memories of the horrors you faced, but you know you have to escape from the Surgery Clicnic of Colonel McMillan.

    1. No, you need the magnet to get the metal marble, then he gets mad and doesn’t want to play with you after you get it.

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