You don’t know how to escape the Surgery Clinic? Follow this walkthrough video to get some help for Forgotten Hill: Surgery.

21 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN HILL: SURGERY – Walkthrough

  1. thank you for your free producing game. I love to play this game. It was really scary. Oh and sorry if my english is bad to you for understanding.

  2. Hi. I was doing the colour skull puzzle in the founder’s room and I seem to have gotten a little stuck. And when I click on your walkthrough the video is restricted. Could you reply with a diagram please? That way I can look at it and never forget. Thank you in advance!

  3. I am loving the games only downside us they keep crashing on the computer so I gave to keep refreshing the site so an sometimes it freezes so can’t move or do anything but that said I do do love ur games so I hope you bring more to steam I bought the 2 others on there then found out you had more of them I am trying hard to play them but havin probs with the free ones

  4. hay,i was playing Memento:Love Beyond and got a bit stuck so i clicked on the tutorial button in the menu but it brought me here.i don`t know its me but you might look into that gust in case something went wrong when linking them.

    BTW,how long have you been making this games,there are pretty fun to play.

    1. ca depend d’ou t’en est. si t’as pas debloqué la salle des cameras, t’en occupe pas. sinon, tu verras l’heure a mettre sur la camera en bas a droite. essaye de trouver la position de chacune des aiguilles les unes par rapport aux autres aiguilles, et non par rapport au cadre de l’horloge, ca aide

  5. 作为一名中国玩家,我很喜欢这种黑暗向的解密游戏,优秀的画面,生动的音效,恐怖的BGM,一切都让我陶醉其中,我很喜欢这款游戏,i love it

  6. ok so im at the part where im on the first floor and ive done every thing except for the bell and ball game patient but no matter where i click i am never right. what is wrong with the game? im so confused now idk what to do on it

  7. Thank you for producing your game for free. I love this series of games. But i have some questions.
    In the game, i got a key on the bookshelf. This key used at the keyhole next to the bookshelf. So i can found a picture behind a photo.
    And I saw a photo on the desk. The word that ” happy moment , holloween 1887″ was wroted on the back of this photo.

    This all things can’t change the endings. Is it right? or there is something i missed?
    just i wondered. please answer me.

    p.s. i’m sorry about my poor english skill, so you would difficult understanding my sentences. but i wait until you answer. Thank you!!!

    1. Hello leeji,
      both the picture behind the framework and the kids photo are references to Forgotten Hill history and its residents. Things that we will probably see again in the future, or the past… Finding them do not interfere with the game’s ending, by the way.
      Thanks a lot for liking our games!

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