F. H. SURGERY – Game Guide 2

Here you will find the second part of Forgotten Hill: Surgery Game Guide. Missed the first part? Here is the link!

Take the elevator and use the key to access the Basement.


Enter the room on the left and take note of the posters: Mandrake is good food! Read the warning before the prison cell.

421-1        421-0        surgery


Solve the puzzle on the cell door to open it: select all the symbols that combined match the one on your printed sheet.


Give the creature the mandrake before it eats you. Place the 2 pieces of medallion in the hatch on the floor and collect the big key.


Collect the hammer on the desk and break the glass cilinder with an eye floating in it. Take the eye.



Open the cubicle number 1, than number 4 (see the numbers written on the corpse feet), than number 2, number 3, number 1, number 4, and number 2. Collect the key hanging on the foot.

Solve the skulls puzzle: arrange the skulls so that the symbols match those on the Founders picture.

Take the vial, go back to the Lab and place it in the chemical machine.

Open the surgery door with the key found in the morgue and talk with the Colonel. After he disappears watch the patient body. Remove the metal disk using the scalpel and take not of the simbols on the chest.


Go back to the first floor.

Enter maintainance room and using your hammer break the glass with the floating brain. Remove the eye with the scalpel. Exit the room and break the cracked wall with the hammer,  collect the metal disk.

Go ahead and give the weird fetus-like creature the marbles and the eyeballs. Go back to Floor II.

Go in your room, locate the tile shown in the map and break it with the hammer.


Take the paper with the serum formula.

Enter the experiments lab and place all the disks on the machine. Look inside it. Rotate all disks using the arrow buttons in a way the match what the strange guy said. Disk 1: Eye, Disk 2: Mouse, Disk 3: Scalpel, Disk 4: Fly, Disk 5: Sun.


Take note that rotating clockwise move by 1 step and anti-clockwise by 2

Take the heart and give it to the strange guy of room II.

Remeber what he said: I’m a hearlesss man…

Take the eye he’s giving you and go back to the basement.


Go in the Laboratory and arrange the vial of the chemical machine as the formula. Take the serum and take note of the symbols on the wall.


Enter the cell and press the red bricks on the wall in the order we marked down. Take the key.

Open the kitchen door and throw the serum on the monster nurse. Touch her dress several times to find another key.

Open the left drawer and collect a jar of flies.

Open the jar on the mortuary table and mark down the position of the flies. Go outside and solve the teeth/flies puzzle using the hints of the table.

Rotate the grid by 90° clockwise…

table      MOSCHE


Take the magnet and go back to floor I

Place the magnet in the gambler’s table and play with him: now you can cheat too and the balls will always be in central bell! Collect the metal ball.

Enter the room next to the gambler and open Colonel McMillan office door with the key from the nurse.

Solve the colored disks puzzle on the bookshelf. Every slice color must match with the adjoining one.


Take the green marble and the key. Place the key in the keyhole on the wall to reveal a new picture behind the frame.

Curiosity: the photo on the desk and the picture behind the frame do not bear clues for this game, maybe this refers to something coming in the future, or the past…

Give the creepy fetus kid the last two balls so he can finally go and play!

Use the key on the big door ahead and the numbers carved on the corpse chest in the keyboard: 1635 

Run away to freedom!

Play Forgotten Hill: Surgery

91 thoughts on “F. H. SURGERY – Game Guide 2

  1. LOVEEEE THIS GAME OMD TOOK TEN MINS WISH IT WAS LONGERRREE. Anyone else find the baby lowkey cute or just me ? #icouldbeagoodmotherrrr 👩‍🍼I AM A SURGEON I AM A SURGEONN

  2. i got so far but the code on the wall by the lab doesn’t work. when i click on 2 of the bricks that demon goat baby comes at me and i die. i tried again and again, it just didn’t work and i died over and over again:(

    1. ik this is a bit late, but if i understand, the goat always gets you? if so, you need to go to your original room, and use the scalpel to cut open the bed, and the doll-ish thing from the bed is what you need to feed to the goat. then you’ll be able to get past. hope this helps :]

      1. Hey Kyle… the force awakened ig hahaha 🤷 you need to give the mandrake to the creature QUICKLY before it consumes you 🐑🌹 . You must use the scalpel to open the mattress and retrieve said mandrake from 😊 it’s never too late to learn. Try you must (yoda reference lmao ) because ur names Lylo like star war 😍

  3. To everyone confused i recommend going to their Youtube page Forgotten Hill it is very helpful to see the steps and it also includes the missing steps.

  4. No encuentro ningun feto, solo esta el señor de las campanas en el primer piso pero no me deja darle nada, también esta el pasiente 2 pero no me deja darle nada. me podrian decir en donde esta porfavor.

    1. You think this is hard just WAIT until grandmas … all I can say is … sugar ain’t always sweet . Every grandmas got a few cobwebs in her cupboard 🍪 🐀

  5. Istg I’ve given the creepy fetus kid every eye and marble I have and it still wont go away!!! Help ;-;

    1. At some point in the game you get a heart, give it to the man in the second floor, the sadistic dude, he gives you his eye. if its not that, in the fly closet theres a magnet you attatch to the dude with the marbles, eyes of the creatures.. theres plently i dont remember them all.

    2. you have to find th magnet, aTTach it to the desk where the little gremlin is and then keep and eye on which one the marble is under

  6. uggg can someone helpp i gave the black eye thing to the baby thing and… i was suppost to go to the basement…

    1. its in the basement enter the right door and unlock the second door inside.(make sure you’re using the silver key)

    1. ok the smallest pointer on the clock needs to be on 12, the medium one on 15 and the longest one on 35. it took me so long to realize that until it accidentally went in the right place.

  7. I really like the game but i canno tfind the mandrake , an dth eserum is the little slip of paper peeking out from behind your bed. at least i think so. I got eaten by a goat before i could go back and find out.

  8. I cannot, for the life of me, get the disks onto the machine in the experiments lab. I have all 4. I uninstalled the game, reinstalled the game and got to the same point and finally gave in and read this walkthrough. I have all the disks in inventory but NOTHING happens when I try to place them. I am not missing any components according to this walkthrough. I can’t proceed further without solving this so it is VERY frustrating. Anyone have ANY advice for me? Please help!!

    1. First you have to enter the room and then dont click the machine. Grab the discs and THEN tap the machine. The machine will collect the discs hope this helps.

    1. the black marbel is the eye of the weird guy in room 2. you give him his heart and he gives you his eye.

  9. when I put the discs in the machine they were in wrong! is that normal or is there something I missed because they are all mixed up!!

      1. Ah I see I have found a kindred spirit … I think we can agree … these mere mortals … ahhhh tut tut tut …

      1. in the b floor there is a minigame with flies and teeth solve it and youll find a magnet go to the first floot and play with the patient youll find it, if that’s what your looking for

  10. the mandrake is in ur room where you wake up find the scapel and the long cut on ur bed you need to cut it and the mandrake will be there

    1. open the first one then the numbers that show in red on the feet is the number you need to open next, then just keep doing it till you open the number it shows with a key on the toe

  11. dawg what up wit da skull & light bulb puzzle.. too hard for my 3 defective braincells

  12. “Forgotten Hill: Surgery is a successful third part of the Forgotten Hill series and a solid flashgame. The setting is well implemented, the design is wonderfully scary and the puzzles are versatile”

  13. How do you do the discs in that machine?!?! They wont line up right!!!!!!!!! Ughhh……its driving me mad!!!! Does anyone know how to line up the discs in the machine right???

    1. Go to the first guide to this and scroll down. Read all of the comments until you see something about the clock ´code´, and there a guy that says something like, L=2 and R=2, and blah blah. write those things down on a piece of paper, then go to the clock. Look at the edges. L means the left edge thingy, R means the right edge thingy, and M means the middle of the to buttons. Good luck!

  14. i solved all the puzzles and nothing left, but the creepy fetus kid doesn’t move, is this a bug?
    i have just a key (with the cross) and formula

  15. The screenshot of the skulls here does not match the sequence in the picture – use the one from the picture in order to get the vial; don’t just use the walkthrough screenshot.

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