F. H. MEMENTO: Run Run Little Horse

Can you remember Berry? Who’s Berry? A little friendship memory from Forgotten Hill residents.

52 thoughts on “F. H. MEMENTO: Run Run Little Horse

    1. yeah same I need help as well..This game is way too hard to complete…did you get to finish the game?

    1. apparently it is something normal in these games, for example in the puppeteer, perhaps in surgery and in Disillusion y’know 😉

  1. So there’s some problems in the Portuguese translation, what I noticed: the matches are translated to “correspondência” that’s a exchange of information, a better translation would be “fósforos” and “leaf” is not translated to “folha”, or “heart jewel” that would be “joia de coração”, even trough in the list is written right. Something that is not wrong, just unusual is in the menu which is written “joga” which is a command, usually on games is used “jogar”. They are not serious mistakes and din’t disturb the game play, I am just saying. And sorry about the bad English, loved the game 🙂

  2. Очень жалко лошадку Берри,это испортило ощущения от игры,а так неплохо.

    1. First, Look at The Shapes on The Wall And Count The Sides, The Code Is 63563 . Then Turn on The Candle With Matches To Get The Key . Use The Key And Open The Down Drawer . Look at The Painting And Match Horses With It . Ruin The Wall Under The Table With Pickaxe to Get The Key And Heart Jewel . Unlock The Drawer With Key And Do The Puzzle . Put The Monocle on The Man Who Is on The Wall (Sorry I Can’t Explain Better Than It :/) And Get The Brain . Kill The Hanged Thing And Put The Bottle Under It to Collect Its Blood . At Last, Pour Blood In The Pot to Get The Leaf (OMG I DID IT)

  3. i didn’t like the part where I needed to kill Berry, and i was a bit confused when i wasn’t able to move between rooms, I now realized I didn’t need too. Maybe include something like that in the description.

  4. I dont really like the part where you had to kill Berry your horse friend, srry Berry.
    May you rest in peace.

  5. Love all your games. Some were quite easy and some were quite a brain teaser. Keep up the good work, looking forward to see a new story!!

  6. After you finish the game and you hit play again you collect swords… is this just a glitch? Am i reading WAY too much into it? Also – great games i like how they’res easter eggs!

  7. perfect choice if you want to freak out little siblings. Perfect gorey unexpected ending with the horse. Now i know where all the haunts come from. I need you to come up with more forgotten hill mementos and games. I have memorized all the things with the fall pupeteer and surgery so when is your next game coming out?

  8. HAHAHAHAHA…I played this game with my little brother at midnight,maybe he will have a bad dream.It is easier than the three games before.
    All oh the games are very interesting.Wish you success!

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