F. H. MEMENTO: Playground

Sometimes one child’s decision defines what he will become when adult… Discover another piece of Forgotten Hill residents story in this new Memento: Playground.

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41 thoughts on “F. H. MEMENTO: Playground

  1. what the heck just because you lose every time does’t mean you have to kill some one and when you finish you will know what I mean

    1. I know right? I thought it would be scarier but it actually wasn’t. Buuuuuuuuuut it was fun to play. I finished all the Forgotten Hill games in 3 days from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM. I understand the full story too. THE CREATORS NEED TO MAKE MORE!

    1. its simple the second clue that you get from the guy in the room through the door in the kitchen is a piece of paper with numbers and symbols each symbol represents a number row 1 means 5+3=8.

    1. I used the purple poison in the grave, before the spider show up, I left the scene, when I was back, was just a branches there. I went back to do more poison and I tried different chemicals, than I got a green poison, after that, I’m stuck! Anyone got this? Maybe was a bug in the software.

      1. Unfortunately you incurred in a bug that happens in rare situations, if you leave the cemetery while the spider-pumpkin is still generating.
        We’ve already fixed this and released an update (already available for Android, soon on iOS).
        Thanks Letizia and Marcelo for reporting!

  2. I can’t seem to find out how to get to the paper on the desk, and get the desk letters open. Help? I haven’t the ability to watch the video, and I REALLY want to finish this game.

    1. The paper on the desk is not a part of the game – you do not need it. In order to open the desk you need a clue, which can be obtained after solving the plate-ish puzzle in the room with a chimney.

  3. ***SPOILER ALERT BEFORE READING*** Hello, thanks for developing this awesome game, love this forgoten hill mementos/main saga history, congratz for such amazing game, played all of them multiple times,
    just wanna tell you guys that in this particular memento theres a visual “bug” the desk that we should write (####) show 5 box/place to put the letters, but when we click it changes to 4, sorry for my bad english, and again thanks a lot, keep awesome forgotten-hill staff <3

  4. Possible bug playing Tic Tac Toe. Stalemate ends with no fail state to kick me out of board. Playing on Mac Air through Chrome.

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