F. H. MEMENTO: Love Beyond

Forgotten Hill residents are not immune to love, but since we are in Forgotten Hill, things don’t go exactly the way you expect… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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38 thoughts on “F. H. MEMENTO: Love Beyond

  1. !It’s easy you can solve it! I will wrire down some of the hints.The password is ruth. Use that paper to solve the eye puzzle. Also at the end use the matches to turn on the candle and get the doll! I don’t remember the rest TBH! sorry

    1. Thx for the help…I really wasn’t able to find those words …but I have a doubt like how did u get RUTH …I didn’t understand

  2. Super cool game guys love it I hope they make more.πŸ˜ŠπŸ–€πŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ’œπŸ’™

  3. look at the door and click the left painting twice then the right painting one time then the right then the left twice

  4. I got into the other room with the bed and I put the disk in the Left puzzle outside the room, now I don’t know what to do!???

  5. I did it. I beat the game. Nothing will stand in my way now. There’s nothing more that the world could possibly throw at me to hold me down now.

    1. Look at the constellation picture in the room to the right of the middle room, then remember the order, and put the flowers on cabinet in middle room in that same order. Have a nice day!! -Ruby K. M. (Queen killa cat)

  6. I love these games but also we have something in common. The game series is scary as hell and so am I :)…

      1. Hi ! Put metal disk at the left location under right portrait ! Go to the left area , click dame 2 times 1 time alien dame 1 time alien 2 times and under right portrait insert a ring ! After this enter silver door.

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