F. H. MEMENTO: Buried Things

We already realized that all Forgotten Hill residents have their little dirty secrets, some of them try to deeply bury them… will it be enough?

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46 thoughts on “F. H. MEMENTO: Buried Things

    1. Al piano se tocan las notas que figuran en los dientes del cuadro, pero para que se abra hay que tocar según te muestran los 5 relojes y se toca así: 1 3 3 4 2

  1. I don’t think anyone else said this, so…the protagonist of Buried Things says that the larvas are responding well in the beginning, when working on a machine that closely resembles the E-Adder in FH: Fall. This may be the prototype of the E-Adder after all. He may have inserted one larva into the machine to make multiple “larvae”, but this is all just a hypothesis.

    1. you set the big hand at 12:00 and then the small/, medium one goes at three and then the very small one goes at.

  2. los juegos de esta pagina son 20/10 <3 amo lo sangriento y misterioso que pueden ser estos juegos LOS ADORO a pesar de no ser muy buena en los acertijos

  3. There is a wardrobe with a checked figure on it, it’s in between the piano and the chimney having a Mr. Clockworks puzzle. Does anyone know where to find its clues to solve it? Or did anyone solve it?….I searched everywhere and also it seems the game doesn’t consider it to be solved as well in a way.

    1. People have done crazier things for less. And remember, this is Forgotten Hill. No one here is sane.

  4. I am Chinese,and I really like this game when I played it at the first time.But actually my English is not very good,so I would really appreciate it if you can add Chinese into this game.

  5. I always look forward to playing your new games. Although I do wish you all would do another contest because, I’m a great story writer and I would love to have a chacne to win a t-shirt from you guys. It would mean a lot to me.

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