The Mother

Lisa Petersen moved with the whole family in a hilltop house in Forgotten Hill.

They could lead a peaceful life there, after having greatly desired they finally have their own little house in the country, far away from the stressful city and so close to nature. A place to raise her daughter, have a dog, and live the rest of her life at her husband’s side.


The only downside of such a peaceful location was the lack of entertainment. But then, one day, a brand new signboard appeared in the road next to the house, a Puppet Theatre opening soon: that would be a fantastic way to spend some time all the family together!

A few days later she found a leaflet with some free admission tickets for the opening night in her mailbox: the are all definitely going, even pets are allowed, so they wouldn’t have to leave Spike home alone, that’s great news!


The records about Lisa Petersen end here, we know for sure that the whole family went to the Puppet Theatre to see the opening, but the they all disappeared afterwards. What follows are just our assumptions based on some Forgotten News articles, rumors, parallel investigations and the ranting story from a Mr. Larson.

We suppose that at a certain moment of the eveningLisa Petersen has been captured and turned into a living puppet by the wicked owner of the Puppet Theatre. After that she has been the leading star of the show for a long time, until a new fresh actress has been found. Then she has been put aside and forgotten

Since that terrible night no one else in the family has been seen around, but a person could swear to have distinctly felt their presence inside their house, one autumn night…

If you are brave enough, there’s a way to meet Lisa Petersen: go to the Puppet Theatre and watch the show…


16 thoughts on “The Mother

  1. I love it but I just couldn’t do the one where u do the show and we’re u can go in it the thing was the hardest I almost gave up😂😄😄😈🙏🔪🪓☠️💀

  2. I love reading/hearing about the secret lore of Forgotten Hill outside of the games. My very first game was Fall when I was 10 and now I completed the entire series besides Disillusioned. Thank u FM studio for making such an underrated and amazing game series

    1. Me gustó mucho forgotten Hill mementos me gustaron mucho de verdad espero que saquen más juegos por qué son super buenos

  3. I have a question for you: will you also tell a story about the origins of the patient who was in the room next to ours? (In Forgotten Hill Surgery)

  4. this is why i so so love these games they give you a back story to them and they are just great to play love them all

  5. I really like it I’m a scary stuff fan scary stuff is so cool I will never stop loving scary stuff I was born loving scary stuff it’s so so so so so amazing I’m never scared of it 🖤🔪💀😎

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