The Fat Guy

Andrew M. Bryan rarely left his apartment in the city, he lived all his school years being bullied for his weight, and now that he didn’t need to be among other people anymore he felt he could finally live peacefully.

But sometimes he really felt lonely – he had no friends after all – and the only thing that gave him a bit of pleasure was all those restaurants that made home delivery. When a distant cousin invited him to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family in their brand new house in Forgotten Hill, he decided to go.


Small-town life is not very exciting, and his cousin was such a terrible cook, that when he found out that there was a theatre in town Andrew put on his best suit and bought a ticket happily – it was just a silly Puppet Show, kid stuff… but he read on a playbill that there’s a big buffet and maybe he could taste some local delicatessen!

You can imagine how big was his disappointment when he found out that the Puppet Theatre was completely different from what he expected and – above all – the kitchen buffet was temporarily closed…

During the whole show he constantly complained with everybody, with himself, with other people sitting next to him and with the usher: he was so hungry, he was literally starving!


After that night his relatives never saw Andrew anymore, actually they didn’t search for him very thoroughly, he complained all the time, he wasn’t a very nice person, and was only second cousin…
What follow is much probably what happened, but we are going to deny if asked…

His hunger caught the attention of the mysterious owner of the theatre – the Puppeteer – that decided to take profit of his bizarre metabolism. He turned him into a marionette and put him on guard at the kitchen.

But even if Andrew is not human anymore is hunger is not subsided, he is still very hungry, and probably because he is not made with flesh and blood anymore, the only food that can sedate his starvation are body parts. But only as long as they are cooked, he is not a beast after all!

They say that his appetite has no limit but – who knows – we all have…

If you want to meet Andrew just go to the Puppet Theatre – he never leave his place next to the buffet kitchen – but do it at your own risk.

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  1. Muy buena historia ya habia jugado a el juego puppeter pero no sabia la historia de andrew 9 puntos por que no explican unos detalles pero todo muy bueno🤩😀

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