The Nurse

Miss Mary Williams was the typical middle aged spinster. Born and grown up in Forgotten Hill and, beside the few months when she took some nursing classes, she never left the county in her entire life.


She started working in the Surgery Clinic of Colonel McMillan in town and spent her existence among the frustrations of a dead-end life, without any hope for love, a family or any career progression.

The only thing that brought her a pinch of pleasure was striking fear into clinic patients, and she has gotten really good in this, she punished those who didn’t follow The Rules, and learned that injecting certain particular substances it would cause an extreme pain, without the patient being able to scream – she hated it when they bothered her with their stupid moaning…

A couple of times things had gotten out of her hands, and the patient died, but in the end who cares, let this be a lesson to others.


Her tendencies didn’t go unnoticed, and Colonel himself started calling her often to be his assistant. She felt a kind of attraction towards the Colonel and this pushed her to become more and more interested into his job and when Colonel McMillan said he needed a guinea-pig for his first experiments on humans, she volunteered, without a moment’s hesitation.

When she woke up after the procedure she felt a little bit changed, but she still keeps on working in the Surgery Clinic, with even more pleasure, now everyone is scared, just by looking at her…

Do you have a twisted desire to meet The Nurse? Check yourself into the Surgery Clinic of Colonel McMillan, but don’t say you’ve never been warned…

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  1. loved the game and all the others fantastic series of games if you havent played them yet wth why not you dont know what you are missing good games all of them and most are free so what you waiting for get playing and THANK YOU for making these brilliant games

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