Forgotten Hill Disillusion – Official Walkthrough Videos

Are you exploring the Museum of Forgotten Hill and need a little help to continue your visit? Find here our Official Walkthrough Videos for Forgotten Hill Disillusion. You are welcome!

Chapter 1 – The Library
Chapter 2 – Flora & Fauna
Chapter 3 – Sea Mysteries
Chapter 4 – Sculptural Arts
Chapter 5 – Beyond Sculptural Arts
Chapter 6 – Beyond Sea Mysteries
Chapter 7 – Beyond Flora & Fauna
Chapter 8 – Beyond The Library
Chapter 9 – Save all the Nynchkuddys

One thought on “Forgotten Hill Disillusion – Official Walkthrough Videos

  1. wow this series was good!! bought the bundle on steam to finish it and nothing but good things to say about it! if you like the free games do buy it, no ads really enhances the experience 😍

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