F.H. PUPPETEER – Walkthrough


Will you escape the Puppeteer?

You ran off the horrors of the dreadful house of Forgotten Hill and are finally back to your car, just to find out that your girlfriend is not there anymore! Following the few clues she left, you find yourself inside a terrible and grotesque Puppet Theatre. Can you Survive?

36 thoughts on “F.H. PUPPETEER – Walkthrough

  1. What was the logic behind the skull and blood drop puzzle? How did you know how to make the t shape like the poster?Was it just random? The squares all around each square flip with each tap but there didn’t seem to be any logic to it or I missed the reasoning? it’s not explained I don’t think. I followed the walkthrough but I still don’t know the reason behind it?

  2. I got so scared at the first jump scare in the theater room that i threw my computer screamed and accidentally scrapped my finger when i threw my computer so now i need a band aid

  3. …………………………….it was awsome………but ..oml the hungry puppet man has…a bad taste for .. “food” 0-0 i want my moomy very scary but cool!

  4. I am stuck with the puppet, i have watched the sheet many times + te walkthrough video, it looks exactly the same , but still it doesn’t work, PLEASE HELP it’s driving me crazy!!!!!

  5. And their daughter? Which? Sorry, but do not know where it is? Is it perhaps the brainless puppet who needs to move?

  6. Clues are sometimes easy and sometimes hard to find. Although it’s the best horror mystery game I’ve ever played in my life. I loved this game. I can play this anytime. It’s plot is amazingly scary and the missing family’s story made me get goosebumps!!!!!!

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