F. H. PUPPETEER – Game Guide

What follows is a written step-by-step guide to Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer.

With the help of pictures and texts we are going to explain every moment of the game, it is not much different from a Walkthrough, but sometimes we can’t watch a video, or just would like to understand why something has to be done in a certain way, and not just repeating what another guy is doing. So that’s what the Game Guide is for, enjoy!

Check the hint on the theater ticket to open the entrance door. Combination is Moon, Hourglass, Three dots.

Check the ticket booth and speak with the clerk. Give him the ticket.

Collect a piece of mirror from the broken mirror.

Cut the torn poster with the piece of mirror to reveal another picture.
Take note of the symbol carved in the ticket booth under the clerk.


Take note of the bell’s picture on the wall. Speak with the fat gentleman.

Curiosity: there’s a copy of “THE FORGOTTEN NEWS” on the table. The article talks about a missing family… could this family be the one living in the house of Forgotten Hill: Fall?


Collect the green sticky stuff.
Play the bells as the picture showed: medium small big small small medium
Lift the cloche and collect the cooked eye.
Cut the poster with the piece of mirror.

Feed the fat guy with the eye, but he’s still hungry

Trap the green beetle by placing the sticky stuff on the wall and pushing the bug towards it. Collect the green beetle.
Cut the poster with the piece of mirror.

Speak with the player. Play with him just to understand that he always win…

Place the coats following the hint found in the kitchen poster:

Touch the green coat to drop a photo. Collect it.

Curiosity: maybe this is the family the newspaper article was about…

Solve the wardrobe puzzle following the hint in the ticket office poster:


Collect the wrench and the card of the joker.

Play with the gamer and use the joker to win a coin.
Take note of the symbols on the seats.

Position the puppet according to the picture in the halloway.

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62 thoughts on “F. H. PUPPETEER – Game Guide

  1. SKULL WALKTHROUGH **INFO FROM COMMENTS: First click center right, then top right, then bottom middle, then center middle, then bottom left, then bottom right. There you go, hope this helps!

  2. how do you place the weird sticky stuff on the wall? i understand you need to click but its not letting me. do you need to do something first before you put the sticky stuff on the wall? help- i don’t understand.. 🙁

    1. You have to start by getting it full of skulls, then click the bottom right and bottom left and it will work. BUt get it full og skulls first.

    1. Hey i figured it- uhh first do the center right ,top right, bottom, middle then, bottom left, bottom right.

  3. Someone please give me advice i can not for the life of myself get the green beetle im using the sticky stuff to just someone help me

    1. First, click the sticky stuff and then put it on a corner of a wall(easier for you to guide the fu*** beetle, then carefully use your mouse to lure the bug on the greeny thing.

    2. with your mouse or Finger whatever device your using Move the Green Beatle towards the Green Sticky stuff not away from it but towards hope this help you with Getting the Green Beatle.

  4. For those of you confused about the “puppet position” take the glass from the mirror and tear it to get the correct image…

    1. Touch the “sloth” number 6 then the number 3, 8, 7, 9. Sorry for the English but I don’t know how to express it in a better way

  5. For anglea clayton you have to use the broken piece of the mirror and cut the picture in the halloway.

  6. I keep positioning the puppet like the one the picture in the hallway but it never does anything (it’s not the same as the one pictured in the guide). What do i do?

  7. I really like your games but that one puzzle, shuffling around to the hints in family picture is one type of puzzle I have no patience or battery time to do. Wish there was a “skip” mode so one can continue other challenges.

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