GrandMa’s Delicious Cakes – Walkthrough



A nice old woman who makes delicious cakes, an exterminator with a sweet tooth, some rodents to capture. What could ever go wrong?
If you got stuck, find here a complete walkthrough video for GrandMa’s Delicious Cakes – A Forgotten Hill Tale


14 thoughts on “GrandMa’s Delicious Cakes – Walkthrough

      1. hey, if your still trying to work it out, a clue is to look at the clock (when you’ve got it working again) and use the time and the symbols it has on the hands to work out how to position the radio. Best of luck!!

  1. I got a different ending when I played. Granny’s mouth dropped open and her brain was exposed with a third eye and hypnotized the exterminator and he was assumed to become the next cake.

      1. i got the same ending. i got a second key from the tv thingy in the closet by pressing the same order again but didnt know where to use it. so i just gave the second rat to the grandma with an extra key in my inventory and yeah the ending is us becoming the next cake.

    1. Get the knife from the mysterious mango and return it to the owner of the house the knife will be your reward.

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