F. H. Mementoes – Mischief Night – Making the masks



It’s Halloween night in Forgotten Hill, kids are going trick-or-treating. Let’s get them some perfect masks… Find here the official walkthrough video for Forgotten Hill MementoesMischief Night (Part One) .

Watch the second part of walkthrough video: Forgotten Hill Mementoes – Mischief NightLet’s trick a little Treat!

Play Forgotten Hill Mementoes:

5 thoughts on “F. H. Mementoes – Mischief Night – Making the masks

  1. Use the shovel and dig up one of the grades and collect a bone collect multiple different body parts from the monster and there’ll be some sort of code I think I got more that I was expected to but now I’m stuck and I don’t know where to go

  2. Could you explain how to do the owl puzzle step by step please?Because I follow the walk through video you guys posted and I am still not understanding the video.

    1. the eyes on the owls match the order of jackets in the closet, count how many eyes to open one and do the same with the jackets

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