Forgotten Hill Mementoes is finally available, are you ready for a dark trip into memory?

Download it now and let us know if you can survive…


An ancient spirit will lead us in this journey, through stories of friendship, of payback, love and secrets. And then it will bring us to that night, the night when the story seems to end, but when everything begins, a real “Mischief Night”

Get Forgotten Hill Mementoes and let us know what you think, your feedback is very important for us!





  1. Cómo es el final del juego? Al final me apareció algo sue decía “el narrador” pero después se puso la pantalla negra y apareció el menu y me aparece el botón de “jugar” de nuevo y me vuelve a llevar a la última parte, entonces no sé si ya lo terminé o nooo, ayudaaa plsss

  2. Do I have to buy it to play? I only see an image and places where I can download it, but I’m on a PC and I can’t download it, can I play the game in a browser?

    1. You can actually play it for free on Poki, however Poki doesn’t have all of the games, like Mischief Night, Flora and Fauna (and the rest in at the end of The Library), Run Run Little Horse and others. Hope this helped, have a good day!

      1. Quick update, Poki does have Forgotten Hill Disillusion: Flora & Fauna and also Forgotten Hill Disillusion: Library. You can play Run Run Little Horse on Hope this helps!

      2. That’s true I play it on Poki and it’s sad that Poki doesn’t have all of the Forgotten Hill Mementos

    2. momentoes is a series of a few different games, u can buy them as a pack on steam or mobile but most of them u can play for free on browser

      1. All though many of F.H. games are on Poki, there isn’t Mischief Night, or Run Run Little Horse.

    3. You can play any Forgotten Hill game for free online in Poki. You don’t even have to download the game.

  3. After play a lot games of Forgotten Hill and i had get some storyline from it too,when i play back again i realize something confused me in Forgotten Hills Mementoes.Ewan,Camille’s father from the series LOVE BEYOND who had suicide suddenly appear at the last series Mischief Night.I had confuse by a long time until i play Forgotten Hills Disillusion,there was a book [Prominent Families of Forgotten Hill],i know that Ewan was twin with a man who call Owen,Ethan and Nathan’s father and because they were twins they faces actually same at all but the hat symbol.At the series Mischief Night,the man at the middle i think it’s Owen but the hat… i got no any conclusion until today XD…

  4. hello, i need help I suck at the run run little horse game and I CANT EVEN GET PAST THE FIRST PART!!! and I can’t watch the run through videos can someone help just with the first part at least I would be very appreciative


    1. It’s easy, 6 coats, 6 eyes, click corresponding coat. I’m stuck somewhere else, I can’t find sulfur.

  6. Ok, I’m a big fan of Rusty Lake and since I’ve finished all of those, I am always on the hunt for games similar to them, which I have been unsuccessful so far until I played Forgotten Hill Mementos. Just when I thought I had finished the game and was thinking “that’s it?”, oh no, that wasn’t it and it continued on and continued to get even creepier and had a few jump scares that I wasn’t expecting. But if you are looking for a challenging room escape game with good puzzles that will make you almost pull your hair out, this is the game. I loved it and I’m ready to play the rest of the games in the series. Thank you to the developers for a fun game that is just as fun as Rusty Lake!

    1. OMG me too I actually found these games first just looking for some fun puzzle horror games, and then I found rusty lake games. I’m also wearing my Mr. Crow sweater as I type this LOL

  7. Such a great game… Until i fed the pumpkin seeds with the wrong potion and it turned into a monster pumpkin which ate me 👻… Didn’t see that coming… But now i have no seeds, ,. No potion, and no pumpkin to place in the pentagram… The class where i got the seeds is empty, so i can’t complete the game? Is this a bug or is it just the end of the road for me?

      1. Hi F.H. Can you pleeaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeee make more games. I literally finished all your games and now I’m left with none to play. It would be reallly nice if you’d make some more.

  8. Hey, everyone! I’m in the lil girl house, finding her mask. But I can’t finish the puzzle beside the exit door, it has 4 symbols & u need to arrange it. Anyone knows where to get the clue?

  9. I love this game! Will definitely buy the others. My problem is: Playing Mementoes, Mischief Night. Did what I could in the house and have a gold key. Outside, character says he’s going to his house to find a mask and then there’s a white arrow with a skeleton finger dragging right and left. I have clicked everywhere on the screen to move left and nothing happens. Also tried keyboard arrows. It works fine in all of the walkthroughs. Does it require a simple click to the right or left or something else? HELP!

  10. I just finished the first stage of Mischief Night. But I cannot find any tree to cut in the Run Run Little House as the walkthought asked. Is this bug?

  11. BUG REPORT!! In Run Run Little Horse, the tree shatters after taking the leaf. In Mischief Night, it’s still gone, so I can’t use the saber on it
    on ios, just downloaded today

  12. В части <> я использую спички 2 раза, но на 2 раз не опускаю их в кастрюлю, а тушу тот огонь тарелкой с зелёной жижей и получаю золу, после чего я опускаю её в кастрюлю. Я не знаю, что делать. Я уже смотрел прохождение, но там действовали не так, как я.

  13. Every time i try to grow the pumpkin, it mutates into the spider and i have to omake the potion again each time. Is this like a bug or am i doing something wrong? i saw that someone else was asking the same thing but i did not understand the response. please help? c,:

  14. Can’t progress.. I have saber and pink potion.. But no tree to cut in the mandrake room and no red key below the disk phono device..
    Help please

  15. After I tried on a mask, I tried to cut a branch with saber, but it didn’t work.
    I tried this stage for 3 times.
    What can I do?
    Is this a bug too?

  16. Посадила тыкву на могилу, сделала зелье роста… После применения меня жалит паук. Никак не пойму, что с ним сделать…. Помогите..

    1. Кроме правильного варианта приготовления зелья есть ещё минимум два неправильных варианта. Вы обнаружили один из неправильных вариантов. Пробуйте составить другую смесь.

  17. Excelente juego… Me ha encantado! Espero lancen una próxima entrega de forgotten hill..!! La espero con ansias.. Sigan mejorando!!

  18. Hi. I’m on mischief night. I have pink potion, eye, foot, bone, brain & heart. It will not let me put the body parts on the table with the hands (the scales). Have I missed something?

  19. Completely stuck on Mischief night with the second kid.
    First kid has his mask.
    Can only enter the first and last house (house 3 is dark/locked and nothing happens when I tap on house 2 – Is this intentional or a bug?)

    Inventory: Yellow potion, scalpel, dead branch, poisoned mandrake.

    Went through the other comments, not seeing a monster I could poison in front of house 2 or 3. Only monster is the one beyond the desk and drinking blood in the first house. Thought could maybe light the dead branch for the dark house with the candle in house 1 but doesn’t work.

    Anybody has an idea what I’m missing or is there a bug (Should house 2 be accessible for example?). I already tapped on and combined everything I could think of. Thx in advance for any help!

    1. Finally got it. Overlooked that there’s another house left of run run little horse. The one with the Monster, Buried Things. Lol can’t believe it was so easy, had misremembered the number of houses and apparently never tried to slide farther left at the run run house. Thanks anyway.

  20. Hello,

    download the game and I love it, I’ve seen several and it’s very well done

    I have a problem, I am in the house where I have the monster with the poisoned mandrake, I already have everything and I have my inventory,

    * the scalpel
    * the spellbook
    * the sheet with the poem “one step on the floor”
    * the foot
    * the lever
    * the hammer
    * the shovel
    * and the earring

    when I try to leave he does not leave me, he says that “I can not leave without a mask”

    That I have to do? help

    greetings from Mexico 🙂

    1. Just played this after I finally realised there is a fifth house:

      You gotta use the crowbar on the boxes on the left behind the grave. The mask is in there.

      Hope that helps.

      Btw, where did you find the”one step on the floor poem”?

  21. Hey, I have no idea how to solve the puzzle in the room with 3 owls (red eye) in the window and 5 jackets next to them. Also have no idea what do with head and 4 arms (hands) on top of the box…

    1. Solved the owls. Still dont know what to do with the head and 4 hands…and now im in another house and cant get out 🙂 there is some hole under the table with some kind of…monster? And two other rooms. Just have the dead branch..

      1. I’m not sure if I remember right, but think you gotta enter the left room, pull the dolls in the correct order and the use the knife on the doll. You also gotta get an empty jar from somewhere for this but not sure anymore if it was in the right room or in the fourth house.

    2. It’s easy. The first owl refers to the first and second jacket, the third and second as well. If the right eye of the second owl opens, click the vest # 4. If you turn on that left, then the opposite (no.3).

  22. Well, now I have placed five things in the pentagram, I have a spider in a closed jar, but I cannot grow the plant right. I guess it is the recipe fe+ch something, but only when I choose more than two ingredients, the tap will work. What to Do?

  23. Man the monster ate the poison mandrake but refuse to die. There’s a glitch in the system. I’ve gotten this far and hate to have to reset and start over

    1. Hello, unfortunately you’ve incurred in a weird bug that happens in some rare situations.
      Luckily we have already find a solution and released an update that should fix the game allowing you to continue without having to reset and start the game from the beginning.
      The new version is already available for Android and comes very soon on iOS, please update the app!

        If you put pumpkin seeds on the place with the wrong poison, appear a “pumpkin spider” that kill you. I tried a second time and when the spider appeared i pressed the button to go back to the house and the spider didn’t kill me but i lost seeds and poison and if you return in the place there is not the spider and now i can’t do anithing. I don’t want to restart all game. Please, fix it! Let me know!

    1. Admin says that its a glitch. “The new version is already available for Android and comes very soon on iOS, please update the app!” (quoting)

  24. Stuck on mischief night. Just received the dead branch can’t figure out what to do after that. Can’t get into the buried things house because the creature is still blocking the door. The poisoned mandrake just opened the door. The lights are off in the playground house. Help me.

    1. Poisoned mandrake will kill the monster. The door is open already. There are instructions on the wall in the lab telling you what to do with the dead branch inside buried things. You will eventually be able to light the lamp in Playground ?

      1. I have the same problem, the mandrake made the monstre stop moving, but its still alive and stuck in front if the door, and if i touch it or try to enter the house it kills me. How to get rid of it ???

  25. Help I am very stuck with mischeif night the lil girl, i got everything but the “male bone” I currently have a yellow potion n looks like lurches head stickkin outta flower pot in love beyond click the ?icon says something missing hellllpppppppp

    1. The clue for the plant is a paper clue with musical notes on a stave. I can’t remember what we had to solve to get it though! I think it was a puzzle in the hall inside Love Beyond where there was also a bird skull I think?

      I’m stuck with no male bone and a pink potion! Annoyingly this is the second time I’ve played it through and I had it last time! Just can’t remember how and where.

    2. Sorry to tell you but if you haven’t got a shovel in your inventory, it means you lost it when you dug up the pearl earring. The developers have informed me there is a glitch causing this in some cases. It has been fixed and an update is on the way. Unfortunately for us it means we have to reset the game and start again if you want to get to the end ?

  26. I am stuck in playground in the second part of the game. I can not continue because i do not have all parts for the maask. Help!

        1. It’s somewhere in one of the houses. I can’t remember. It’s just there on view somewhere. You dont have to do a puzzle to get it or anything.

          1. Ty very much but I am stuck inside one of the houses and I can not get out:) Do you have any idea what to do?

  27. Hi. I’m stuck in the very first part. I can’t see the pattern for the piano, the “chess”, the buttons in the lab or the thing in the fireplace… I don’t know what I did wrong. Am I that stupid?? I need help u.u

    1. Did you solve the first puzzle in the weird-man picture? You need to press the buttons around it to know how to play piano…

    2. The clocks above the piano are the clue to pressing the correct buttons around the grandfather clock ( I II III IV)

      Then you get piano clue

      Chessboard clue is in the lab on the wall

      Dials in lab, the clue is a picture of eyes which you will collect at some point

  28. I have a key, only a closed Door and I can’t do anything with It. I also have the potion. All of this un mischief night

  29. Also, the new puzzle in the first section (between the piano and fireplace) doesn’t seem to do anything. You can still get the door open and the pistol without solving it.

    1. The eye buttons? You have to press them in the correct order. The stay open all the time you are going n the right direction. As soon as you hit an incorrect t button, they all close and you have to start again. There is a clue somewhere which shows you Part of it but I did it through trial and error. I think it starts bottom left.

      1. No I was spacing out on how to solve the four moon buttons. Then I was like “duh.” After that I just marathoned to the pumpkin of death.

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