Introducing today Forgotten Hill: Mementoes!

Forgotten Hill Mementoes is going to be a series of mini-games that will reveal important episodes, secrets and memories of Forgotten Hill.

In the first memento – Run Run Little Horse – we will discover in which traumatic way something we met in another game has been created, and we’ll have a little look inside the story of one of Forgotten Hill residents. Can you identify who will he become?



The second memento is about the greatest power of all, strongest than fear, more intense than life. Yes, it’s about Love, a Love Beyond. Enjoy Forgotten Hill: Memento – Love Beyond and Happy Valentine’s Day from all Forgotten Hill residents.


We all have our secrets, some people live with them, some other hide them. But in Forgotten Hill no matter how deep you bury your horrors, you better watch your back, always… Play Forgotten Hill: Memento – Buried Things, and know something more about Forgotten Hill residents.


It’s time to discover the story of another resident, do you recognize him? Play Forgotten Hill: Memento – Playground and find out how experiences in the past can decide the way the future will be.


  1. Well who is he we saw him in surgery and this who is he I bet that’s the father of the kid from run run little horse so clearly because the fact that when you get the key from the drawer near the end of surgery there seems to be a face of a strange person plus I know who the goy from they other picture is the truth guy from surgery and when are you going to make another gamet

    1. are you talking about the patient from surgery or the colonial, because the patient is the gambler (the guy you see deal cards in f.h. puppeteer. the colonial is the puppeteer’s twin brother. The boy you see in rrlh is one of the twins, i can’t tell which one though.

  2. I’m guessing it’s the ticket guy from Forgotten Hill Puppeteer or one of the guys from Forgotten Hill Surgery.
    Also I wonder what the second Memento is gonna be after Run Run Little Horse?

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